What We Do

Financial Modeling

With our cash-flow simulations and optimization algorithms we enable systematically evaluating a variety of financial planning problems.

Risk Quantification

With our innovative risk quantification frameworks and analytical tools we enable rethinking and shadowing risk to create future opportunities.

Software Engineering

We provide integrated software solutions for renewable energy stakeholders to cope with new challenges in a changing market.

Data Analytics

We feature professional, software-based consulting services enabling data-driven decision making for renewable energy stakeholders.

Our Products

We combine methods from meteorology and finance to enable automated economic viability and risk analyses for renewable energy projects based on in-depth estimations of site-specific wind and solar resources.


A geographic information system processing extensive topographical and meteorological data into an integrated system of spatial interpolation, height extrapolation, statistical downscaling and spatial planning methods. REGIS enables analyzing site-specific resource and spatial potentials for wind and solar farms by estimating wind, solar and power generation time series and statistics as well as spatial planning potentials.


A financial decision support system integrating an innovative financial modeling approach with an extensive risk quantification framework by means of Monte Carlo simulations and optimization algorithms. IRIS enables analyzing and optimizing profitability and bankability of wind and solar farms under consideration of risk and uncertainty and provides professional decision support to a variety of financial planning problems.

Customer Values

Scientifically Proven

The innovative methods and models underlying REGIS and IRIS were developed, evaluated and published by the Nefino team as part of their doctoral theses at Leibniz University Hannover.

Advised by Experts

The interdisciplinary Nefino team combines strong expertise from the fields of banking and finance, renewable energies, operations research, and software engineering.

High Performance

Our highly performant software solutions and consulting services are designed to provide the highest level of quality and benefit to our customers.

Extensive API

The Nefino API opens up a world of possibilities for integrating our data, methods, and models in our customers’ IT infrastructure.

Data-Driven Insights

Data-based decision support offers completely new opportunities for renewable energy stakeholders to cope with arising challenges in a rapidly changing market environment.

Digitized Processes

Through digitalization to leaner, faster, accurate and cost-efficient processes.

Our Experts

As a spin-off founded by researchers of the School of Economics and Management, Institute of Integrated Production, Leibniz Energy Research Center 2050 and ForWind (Leibniz University Hannover), the Nefino team combines interdisciplinary expertise.

André Koukal

André Koukal

Co-Founder & CEO
Chris Stetter

Chris Stetter

Co-Founder & CTO
Jan-Hendrik Piel

Jan-Hendrik Piel

Co-Founder & CIO
Martin Westbomke

Martin Westbomke


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